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Void Properties Security in the United Kingdom

Void Properties Security in the United Kingdom? Empty buildings and houses (or “void properties”) are prime targets for arsonists, squatters, thieves, or vandals. We, therefore, upon agreement undertake a responsibility to ensure that the void properties are under heavy protection.

Our well-trained security guards will be stationed at the premises day and night. Hence Making sure that your vacant site is secure and unaffected by these influences demands consistent monitoring.

Most leading insurance companies in the United Kingdom will not cover empty properties if they are not under regular surveillance. The Insurance firms usually advise property owners to seek caretaking solutions from security professionals first, for instance, Bridge Guard officers. Bridge Guard security Limited officers come in handy to help protect the premise, thus, enabling you to be insured by the insurance firms.

Bridge Guard Security will save you time and money by offering flexible security packages tailored to your needs thus maximizing your profit. Trained professionals will monitor your vacant property, checking for physical damage or theft to the outside of the building, putting together full itinerary reports and photographic evidence of the condition of the property, assessing any illegal entry, and removing mail and reading meters if required. These are the checks and safety measures that will provide vital information for successful insurance claims.

Our mobile patrol officers will conduct regular visits to the site 24hrs. Asset protection and dog handling can always be arranged for high-risk properties.

We assign only the best Void Properties Security protection officers in such duties since the premises may be in a deserted place that needs extra training to be in.

Extra training is provided for the guards deployed in such environments. Nevertheless, our mobile patrol officers can always provide a needed backup.

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