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Ensure your Property is Secure with Key Holding and Alarm Response Security from Bridge Security.

Responding to alarms and access control is easy when you hire the right security company to carry-out alarm responses. With intensive experience in the private security industry, we have a team to make sure your premises stay secure 24/7

Professional and Effective Key Holding and Alarm Response Security

Responsible and Trusting Key Holding Security

Trusting bridge Guard security means we will deal with any arise harmful situation.

We are trained to deal with all types of scenarios, so your safety will never be compromised.

A set of keys will be kept in a secure, off-site location meaning that if anyone gets locked out, access is guaranteed.

Mobile patrols will be conducted and monitored continuously, even when no alarm has sounded.

Professional key holding benefits your business by eliminating the need to allocate and manage internal key holders.  We also trained security personnel to arrive at the scene in time.

Instant and Effective Alarm Response 

With alarm response security. Any suspicious situations will be dealt with promptly by the intruders apprehended and detained, to ensure extra peace of mind.

The  Securities are deployed at any time of day in addition, you are rest assured knowing that any suspicious activity is dealt with before a potential incident occurs.

When we conduct the most important alarm response is conducted, for instance, you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night furthermore the reports will be kept of each callout to make sure you’re kept informed.

In addition, Without appropriate alarm response solutions, you are leaving your premises severely open to a crime too. For instance, You could not only leave yourself out of pocket but also your staff at risk too.

Contact us for a quote and discover how Bridge Security can assist you in providing a first-rate alarm response.

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