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Hotel Security, we understand that security staff working in the hospitality sector must maintain a high level of customer service without compromising on their duties as a security officers thus a need for good training.

Therefore, a unique skill set is required when dealing with a demanding sector such as the hospitality industry. For example, our patrol guards will be active all through day and night.

Consequently, making sure all guests and their valuables are safe and secure in addition to hotel management to help upkeep a safe and pleasant environment at all times.

Being vigilant, and having a proactive approach to his or her daily duties is again very important for us while maintaining an approachable and welcoming.

Some of the services you can expect in Hotel Security

  • C.C.T.V. monitoring
  • Regular Foot patrols
  • Parking lot and fire exit checks
  • Well-groomed and presentable at all times
  • Keyholding/alarm response
  • All guards are first aid trained
  • Incident reporting
  • Health and safety
  • In addition background checks on all guards
  • 24-hour helpline

We Work As Your Hotel Security Partner 

At Bridge Guard Security Ltd, we understand the importance of having professional relationships with our clients and staff, therefore we ensure we keep in contact with updates.

We like to work as your partner.

We also assign a dedicated operational manager to work with you throughout. The service offered will be under our control and after a consultation. In spite of any circumstance, the manager will ensure the bests done at all times.

We consequently provide an important tailored selection of suited potential candidates for your approval and even offer trail runs at your convince. Additionally, we do monitoring of the hotel facility and post guards as per your need.

How do we ensure a  Hotel safe environment?

  • Invest in surveillance software.
  • Hold regular security meetings.
  • Upgrade the locks.
  • Improve constantly.
  • Meet your customers.
  • Prevent cyber attacks
  • Do background checks on your staff

At Bridge Guard Security, As usual, is mandated to make sure the hotel guests, employees, and Hotel Properties are Supper secured. For example, we do frisking for everyone who walks in.

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