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We at Bridge Guard Security are here to make your events successful and memorable through our event security solutions.

According to us, good event security consists of operational standards and detailed planning procedures. We also understand that event security is the first and last point of contact with the general public. So, we at Bridge Guard Security Ltd ensure that every guest gets a warm welcome from knowledgeable and friendly security staff.


Some of the services

  • Static and mobile patrolling
  • Crowd control
  • Safe Conflict management
  • Event stewards
  • First aid
  • A warm welcome
  • Screening at points of interest
  • Perimeter control
  • VIP guarding and escort service

Our Experience

Bridge guard officers have gathered a wide range of experience within this sector. Whether it is small or on a grand scale we perform detailed site inductions to live exercises before an event is open to the public. This ensures that all areas are safely covered.

Our security team can efficiently deal with any dilemmas that may take place during the event.

We take pride in maintaining excellent relationships with many festival and event organizers throughout the United Kingdom.

Our team

Each of the guards undertakes additional training as well as industry-approved training. We value quality customer care and provide a safe and memorable experience for all customers and staff alike.

All our guards are ready to adapt to changing environments and overcome difficult situations with ease and maintain professionalism at all times.

The group team building sessions before the event are open to the public. This helps bond a strong working relationship throughout the duration of the event.

Safety and health guidelines and industry standards are strictly maintained, for instance, Covid-19 regulations.

We Work As Your Partner

We have close professional relationships with our clients and staff, making sure we keep in contact with regular updates.

Again, we like to work as your close partner so we assign a dedicated operational manager to work with you throughout.

Services offered will be managed with your needs in mind at every stage, additionally, after a consultation, we can provide a tailored selection of suited potential candidates for your approval.

Why you should partner with Us

The office team makes sure contracts are flexible and accommodating to your needs, for example, we can readjust contracts according to your requirements.

Whether you require security officers to guard the entrance to your wedding, mobile patrols to monitor a large festival, security guards to carry out crowd control, or risk assessments, we’ve got you covered.

As the premier choice for event security in the UK, therefore, we assure you your event will run smoothly and successfully.

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