Bridge Guard Security Ltd Environmental Policy

Bridge Guard Security Ltd recognises that to achieve continued success it must maintain a quality culture throughout the organisation and therefore are fully committed to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.  We also recognise that even though our activities have minimal adverse impact on the environment we have a duty of care to protect it wherever we can and therefore we also commit ourselves to BS EN ISO 14001:2015

We underpin our commitment to these standards by adopting the following working practices in all that we do:

  • Ensure that environmental management is integrated into every aspect of our business operations to ensure environmental issues are addressed
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations and aspire to best practice
  • Review current activities, products, and services with a view to minimise the environmental impacts and reduce, wherever practicable, the level of harmful emissions and prevention of pollution.
  • Reduce our use of natural resources such as energy and water, and maximise the efficient use of such resources, reuse rather than dispose whenever possible, promote recycling and the use of recycled materials
  • Ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities in relation to the Environmental Policy
  • Encourage the implementation of sound environmental practices by all people within the organisation
  • Ensure that suppliers and contractors minimise the impact of their operations on the environment and actively support our environmental programmes through an environmentally sensitive purchasing policy
  • Where appropriate, support through community programmes, the promotion of environmental protection by relevant external groups and organisations
  • Monitor progress on a regular basis to identify strengths and areas for improvement and to highlight actions required to prevent potential deficiencies. To implement this policy, we will develop a set of objectives and targets identified because of our environmental review, which relate to the environmental impacts of our organisation. 

    Actions, to achieve this policy require us to focus on the following areas:

    • Energy use
    • Waste management
    • Recycling initiatives
    • Staff training and communication on environmental issues
    • Purchasing arrangements
    • Business travel

    We will establish and set relevant environmental objectives at all levels and review these at regular intervals. The company will communicate on their environmental aspects if requested

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