We Deliver On Price And Performance

Bridge Guard security has exceptional experience in all aspects of CCTV / Access Control, we have expertise in operating and managing our client’s control rooms alongside other security systems. For instance, Over the years we have seen the advancement of control room technology and have adapted in this field, we have enhanced our services and passed this on to our clients.

With the company training program, all our CCTV operators are regularly updated with new legislation and procedures in addition to improving their skill sets. Furthermore, all our security staffs are well aware of the importance of handling sensitive material and protecting data, Staff strictly comply with the data protection act 1998 (DPA).

Our Staff

Our CCTV operators are vigilant and alert with character profiling training to pinpoint suspected trouble and help prevent theft. All intelligence is carefully logged and recorded for future reference, to enable and prevent issues, For instance, theft and anti-social behaviour and perform 5-year background checks and request the most important characters.

We Work As Your Partner

We have close professional relationships with our clients and staff, making sure to keep in contact with regular updates. Also,  work as your close partner. In addition,  we assign a dedicated operational manager to work with you throughout.

Finally, We assure you contracts are flexible and accommodating to your needs, and adjustable according to your requirements.

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